Professional Support

Technical support, extensive documentation, and well tested functionality are observed as a matter of course for MDS.

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Regular Updates

We actively develop MDS to better fit your needs. You may expect MDS updates and upgrades on regular basis.

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Modern Features

Professional developer (maybe you) may require expert friendly and time saving features which MDS was made to deliver.

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Our Products

We provide our products with support for the following operating systems for i686 and amd64: Microsoft Windows XP (32b), Microsoft Windows 7 (32b and 64b), Ubuntu 13.10 and higher (32b and 64b), openSUSE 13.1 and higher (32b and 64b), Fedora 20 and higher (32b and 64b), and CentOS 7 (64b). More about OS support...

MDS Basic

Only 0 € for commercial users,
free of charge for students and other non-commercial users.

MDS Premium

0 € per commercial license, 9€ for students and other non-commercial users,Trial version free of charge for 30 days.

MCU 8051 IDE

Free open-source IDE for 8051 distributed for a small fee.
  • 8051 Assembler
  • 8051 Disassembler
  • 8051 Simulator
  • Tk based GUI